Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dinner at Hackney's

Last night we went to Hackney's, the highly recommended local restaurant/bar in printer's row. This is our second attempt to go since it's usually pretty busy and since they don't take reservations.

This time we called before to gauge how busy it was and whether two of us could get a table quickly. No problem they said. As we turned the corner from Polk to Dearborn (where the restaurant is located) we were greeted with people sitting outside enjoying the unusually warm autumn night. We went inside, were greeted warmly by the staff and seated even quicker.

The service was nice, quick and sincere. After ordering dinner (which we did first since it was late and we were hungry) we looked at the expansive beer list. I opted for the half acre lager, which is a new local beer to Chicago, and my girlfriend decided on an IPA which was validated by our waitress. Although the IPA was a little much, my Half Acre was delicious. Hackney's had a variety of beers which were relatively cheap. Definitely going to hit this up again if beer is on my mind.

I went for the Friday special of a chicken and provolone sandwich and my girlfriend went for the garden pasta for dinner. My sandwich was very good and the portion was large. The pasta dish was also rather large, but relatively bland tasting. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn't anything special.

The decor and atmosphere was laid back and traditional, which was a good thing. Although we opted for a quick dinner, the experience was good and I'm definitely going to venture back. All in all a good first experience at Hackney's in Printer's Row.

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