Monday, September 21, 2009

A Surprising Weekend: Bears and Obama

A surprising weekend unfolded as two issues we like to follow changed course and totally surprised us.

First the bears upset the defending Super Bowl champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers, 17-14 on a late field goal by kicker Robbie Gould. Although the bears had high expectations coming into the season, last week put a damper on them as team captain Brian Urlacher was injured and team 'savior' Jay Cutler looked human. Regardless, the Bears bounced back yesterday and didn't look particularly sharp, but got a win. It should be a fun season.

Second, the drama that is the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid saw President Obama pull a 180 as he will now be dispatching an 'advance team' to Copenhagen to look into security and accommodations for a potential visit. As you probably remember, just last week Obama said he wouldn't be able to make the trip due to the ongoing discussions about Healthcare.

We agree that Healthcare is more important then the Olympics, but many people saw this as a weak excuse not to attend the IOC meeting in Copenhagen on October 2nd. He is the President and it's not like he's flying in coach on American Airlines where he can't get work done. Last time we checked the world revolves around his schedule and Air Force One makes long flights easy.

This change of heart was great news for Chicago's bid team and from the sounds of it Mayor Daley is 'very, very confident' about the bid. In other Olympic news the Tribune takes a look at the Olympic legacy in Atlanta, the last US city to host the summer games (in 1996). A good read as the debate on whether or not the Olympics would be good for Chicago continues.