Friday, September 11, 2009

Roosevelt CTA Stop: Safety Poll


resident said...

Clearly, there is a problem at this el stop if 56 people voted that they do not feel safe, either at all or once the sun goes down. The entire stretch around that stop is severely troubling; you can smell the urine/garbage from 14th Street! Even the Jewel-Osco is creepy. Something must be done; for starters, how about actually enforcing open liquor and drug possession laws? Or not allowing pedestrians to cross Roosevelt Road or Wabash Ave. at any point they seem fit?

Can anyone tell me why in the world some of our community leaders are pushing for an additional eL station at 18th Street? All this does is bring the criminal element further into the heart of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. It's sad that this is the first impression of the south loop that most vistors from other hoods have. This corner is a black eye on the neighborhood. The lack of policing/security at the El doesn't shock me (why the city pays 4 'traffic control' employees to stand @ Michigan and Roosevelt and do nothing but talk on their cell phones but won't beef up security @ the El stop is beyond me) - but I am shocked that BP, Jewel, Dunkin Donuts, etc allow the volume of panhandling and loitering that occur to take place.

Anonymous said...

I walk to the Roosevelt El stop every day or walk by it to get to work in the Loop and quite frankly, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Most of the pedestrians I see crossing Roosevelt or Wabash do so at the intersections. Even if there are people that ignore the walk signals, it's not as bad as the Loop where everyone crosses anywhere. The traffic employees at Michigan/Roosevelt are usually directing traffic/pedestrian appropriately and I haven't seen anyone talking on their cell.

What's so creepy about Jewel-Osco? I shop there and Dominick’s at Steeterville and the only difference is that Jewel is more crowded and the crowd is more diverse, but they certainly all look like they have jobs. You guys make is sound like there's panhandling everywhere, when there's really only ONE guy and he stands at the Dunkin Donuts opening doors for the customers. If I make eye-contact, all he says is "what's up bro". There's way more loitering/panhandling in the Loop and River North (Chicago Avenue/Viagra Triangle area). You'd be stupid to beg for money around this area of the Sloop because there's little foot traffic. I walk down Michigan Avenue south of Roosevelt and the last time anyone begged me for money was the “Shoe Shine” brothers over a year ago. Are they still around? I remember I saw them further up north on Michigan near Grant Park.

Anonymous said...

I've felt perfectly safe at this stop at all hours of the day. It's possible that those who don't feel safe are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with city life in general.

Anonymous NSS said...

"Can anyone tell me why in the world some of our community leaders are pushing for an additional eL station at 18th Street? All this does is bring the criminal element further into the heart of the neighborhood."

So we should not have any mass transit in the near south and not have improved lake front and Museum Campus/Soldier field access?

Tell us what you propose? I guess those "L" stops in Old Town, Lincoln Park, should all be closed down then?

Anonymous said...

An additional stop @ 18th would be terrible. I live near state and 16th and would sell in a heartbeat if construction began.

As for the eL stops in Old Town and Lincoln Park, why don't you ask your north side friends their opinion of all the muggings and assaults that take place near the CTA red line stops on the North side.

Josh said...

a stop at 18th street would make sense for quite a few reasons, particularly for the Orange line.

#1, there are currently no stops on the Orange line between Roosevelt and, what, 31st street? 35th street?

#2, the mass transit unit of the Chicago police department is housed at the facility at 18th and State. Its a bit silly to have the rail police there when they can't get on a train within 4 blocks.

I'd put a stop at 18th street, and have the platform along 18th street (as close to State street as possible).

Anonymous said...

In response to above... If you live near 16th street, then you should know that there's a police station at 18th street... RIGHT ACROSS the would-be 18th Street El-Stop. Criminals are stupid, but not too stupid to mug people around a police station.

Anonymous said...

Exactlly. Since there is a police station at 18th; any criminal activity would likely take place a couple blocks away from the station, e.g. 16th and State.

resident said...

Let's see: 56 of the 118 who voted don't feel safe. Enough said.

This neighborhood deserves far better.

Anonymous said...

Let's see only 118 voted. That's not even 1% of the total population of the South Loop. We don't even know who voted. It could be that guy who's always posting about not liking "hip-hop" people. As for 16th/State, that's not a "couple" of blocks from the police station. I can see that intersection from my place and that intersection is half a street from the police station. Quite frankly, UNTIL Columbia College’s new building opens; 16th/State is basically a crap-hole to begin with. If you don't like living there, you should move. Why’d you even buy there…? That area is dead after sunset with little to no street lighting. It’s not even lively during the day. I’d rather walk on State between Archer and Curllerton then in that area. You'd probably get mugged there even if there is no 18th street El stop.

Anonymous said...

That last post hit it right on the nose.

Andy Sites said...

I feel 100% safe in South Loop, especially around Roosevelt with all of the foot traffic. The stop could undergo some rehab to make it cleaner, and more efficient but I don't feel unsafe. A lot of it is simple too, like cleaning up bird feces.

reality check said...

To everyone who feels that safety is a non-issue near this stop: take a look at the blue-light flashing CPD camera which sits on the light pole at the intersection of Wabash and Roosevelt. FYI: the city doesn't install these cameras in "100 percent safe zones."

As for all the comments ripping on the "uptight caucasian douchebags" for being concerned, why don't you people embrace those concerned about safety rather than bash them? Why don't you go ask people in Englewood if they would welcome "uptight, concerned citizens" in their hood as oppossed to what they now have.

Me said...

Uh reality check. Those blue lights are in Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, and Hyde Park. Whatever you are implying is wrong.

reality rebound said...

So just because other hoods have these cameras means that safety is a non-issue @ the Roosevelt Stop? That's nonsensical. Moreover, why are you defending this area by comparing it to other parts of the city? Who cares about blue light cameras in wicker park or hyde park? What in the hell does that have to do with the fact that the area surrounding the Roosevelt stop is a cess pool?

Anonymous said...

"Cess pool" is right on. I challenge anyone to find a bus stop anywhere in the Loop more repulsive than the bus stop (#12, et al.) outside the south exit of the Roosevelt El. From an insane amount of bird feces, piss stains, brown bags full of beer bottles, and some homeless man's soiled and discarded underwear - this stop has it all!

Anonymous said...

Ha and you anonymous females live near there. Stop whining and move your butt if you’re so unhappy. Either you’re too poor to improve your situation and are just too lazy to do something, which basically makes you no better than the folks who piss in Roosevelt. I want to see pictures of this “Cess Pool”. The only thing I see there is that Chinese restaurant, Bongo Room filled with white people, and Star Bucks with white people. Please post pictures of the people that make up this “Cess Pool”?

Who cares about bus stops in the “Loop”? That’s a different part of the city and we don’t care about different parts of city like blue light cameras in Hyde Park. Plus, what are you doing taking the #12 bus? This is the first time I’ve learned the number of that route. All I knew is that it goes west and that my friend is a crap hole country.

Honestly, if you don’t feel safe around Roosevelt, you have no business being there or anywhere in this city. Either you grow some balls, muscles, and spleen or run home to suburbia. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if people laugh at you if you drown in the “Cess pool”. All I can say is I go there every day and I’m still alive and certainly not afraid.

Anonymous said...

There's an underlying theme in the last post that rings true . . . Chicago is a major metro area and exhibits the same symptoms of other big cities with dense populations and anemic infrastructures.

It's all relative IMO. I dated a college girl living here in the 80's . . . this South Loop area in question was a real horror show after dark. Now it's like a theme park . . . yes, a urine-scented one but I don't know what people expect.

Rob Sc. said...

Having followed this blog for a while, I think it's pretty safe to say that all the Anonymous posts regarding cesspools and whatnot is the same racist Republican coward posting the same drivel over and over again.

I really wish these cowards would just stay in their suburban hovels where they belong. Maybe try Western Springs? I hear there are lots of Repubs there, you ought to have no trouble finding other racists to commiserate with regarding how horrible Chicago is.

Lance Uppercut said...

I don't see how you can group all the anon posts together as they skew no one particular direction.

I do agree that if you live here and don't like it and chose not to do anything (or offer suggestions) to make things better . . . cram a sock in it.

We live in a big city and have the same problems as other similar cities. As for the suburbs . . . I'll take the Roosevelt stop (warts and all) over any SUV-driving Zombieville.

get a grip said...

Can someone please tell me why it's okay - and not racism - when non-white democrats bash the s#it out of anyone not like them, but when someone voices concern over saftey of ALL citizens, they're automatically attacked and labeled racist?

Nobody ever said they feel unsafe because of "non-whites," they were simply pointing out that parts of this neighborhood are unsafe. No matter what color or race.

Further, call me what you want, but I don't recall the South Loop being a desireable place to live until it became developed and occupied by "uptight caucasians."

not anonymous said...

Why wasn't this entire blog labled racist when the demolition of the Ickes Homes was heralded and celebrated?

Anonymous said...

Blue light cameras have sprouted up all over the city, not just in dangerous areas. The CPD uses them for reconnaissance, so they can see what is going on when they don't have officers in the area. Have you driven to O'Hare or the Skyway lately and noticed the ones there ?

Roosevelt and Wabash is a prime location for the CPD to keep an eye on crowds leaving Grant Park festivals and Soldier Field.

The South Loop is definitely one of the safer neighborhoods in the city. Don't take my word for it, look at the crime reports. Roosevelt and Wabash/State is not a hot bed of criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

To the guy posted "
"Cess pool" is right on. I
challenge anyone to find
a bus stop anywhere in the
Loop more repulsive than
the bus stop (#12, et al.)
outside the south exit
of the Roosevelt El. From
an insane amount of bird
feces, piss stains, brown
bags full of beer bottles,
and some homeless man's
soiled and discarded
underwear - this stop has it

I agree - I often wonder why I never hear any of the community groups doing anything about this;
maybe they should get off their azz.

Lance Uppercut said...

I've spent time in NYC, Boston, D.C., Philly and they're all easily 5X as worse as Chicago in relation to public trans cleanliness/safety.

resident said...

I think we're all missing the point here. Nobody is saying that the area around the El stop is murderville; nobody is saying that it is the worst corner in the entire city; and nobody is organizing a KKK rally or Black Panther meeting for the Jewel parking lot. However, I think we should all agree that the neighborhood DOES deserve a far better/cleaner/safer front door. The area should be cleaner and policed at a higher rate. I don't care what color they are; the people that panhandle / jaywalk / harass and threaten law-abiding citizens / pass out on the bus stop bench, need to be dealt with.

I don't care if you survey 118 or 1118 citizens, you are always going to find that the majority of people agree that there is a legitimate safety and quality of life concern at that intersection.

Lastly: stop calling anyone that complains about crime and safety a racist! How in the world does that help anyone.

Anonymous said...

Still, I walk in that area every day and I'm still alive and certainly not afraid.