Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sun-Times Provides More Backround on Recent Michigan Ave Retail

We've had some posts on the new stores that have opened or are opening in the near future (Sky Grocer, Entourage Man and South Loop Market), but today the Chicago Sun-Times provides some quick background on each of these stores.

Sky Grocer, which is the only store not open yet, plans to open its doors this Thursday (9/10) according to the article:
Sky Grocer, with 2,000 square feet on the ground floor of the Sky 55 condo building, will open Thursday morning selling Chicago favorites such as Vosges Chocolate and Milk and Honey Granola, along with organic eggs, organic milk, hundreds of craft beers, and fruit, produce and regular groceries.

"We aim to be a miniature Whole Foods with a convenience factor," said owner Paul Stellatos, 28, who runs similar neighborhood stores in Bucktown and Humboldt Park/Logan Square.


Anonymous said...

Why the heck is a "reverand" opening an over-priced, high-end clothing store?

Andy Sites said...

I hope Sky Grocery's attempt to be a miniature version of Whole Foods also carries in terms of price.

Anonymous said...

To the top poster: I believe it's still a free country where anyone can worship and/or eek out a living as one sees fit. Why all the hate?

And to the second: a small grocer with limited shelf space (and an expensive lease) will most certainly be pricing their goods accordingly. If they are not moving a high volume of product and/or are dealing with limited foot traffic, expect higher than average prices.

pt said...

I hope that Sky follows through on their craft beer promise that they've posted on their window! I'm missing Sam's.

Anonymous said...

I miss Sam's too . . . yesterday I heard that another one of their locations (Highland Park?) is closing.

Sounds like poor business acumen and NOT lack of patronage has been Sam's recent undoing.