Friday, September 4, 2009

Poverty in Chicago Documentary Features the Sloop

There have been a lot of article and comments on the Ickes Homes recently (click here for links by Chicago Journal, ABC7 and Sloopin), but a good friend of the blog recently sent us this video titled Poverty in Chicago.

Although the purpose of the video is to showcase stories, problems and issues with homelessness, much of the video takes place within our neighborhood during 2005 and 2006. Throughout the film you will see many South Loop places such as the old Pacific Garden Mission that was on State Street, many scenes in the south side of Grant Park, and finally a piece where a homeless guy takes the interviewer down to the Ickes Homes to show how easy it is to score some crack cocaine.

It's about an hour long, but is pretty interesting:

(Hat Tip: JG)

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