Thursday, July 20, 2017

Render Reveals for Single Family Home (w/ Retail Space) at Dearborn/Polk

Rendering reveal for the single family home structure coming to the northeast corner of Dearborn/Polk in Priners Row (via Curbed):
An empty lot at the northeast corner of Dearborn and Polk in Chicago’s Printer’s Row is the site of a new mixed-use project from owner/architect Chris Talsma. Co-founder of Filoramo Talsma Architects, the designer recently landed a construction permit for a new four-story building containing ground floor commercial space topped by his personal single family residence.

As a reminder we first heard about this on May 30th when a reader sent us an email with this tip.  It appears it's definitely happening.  If you've been to this intersection you can already see the site prepping for the construction.

(Hat tip:  SC!)

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