Friday, July 14, 2017

Curbed Chicago: Renovation of Old Post Office Gets Key New Permit

Every time we've been by the old post office, it seems like there is a lot of stuff going on.  We've probably seen helicopters lifting stuff around the building over a dozen times in the last couple of months.  So good progress is happening!

Apparently the project got some key permits recently as well (via Curbed):
Construction on the ambitious renovation and restoration of Chicago’s long vacant Main Post Office continues in earnest as another big permit signals work on important mechanical and structural systems. According to the permit issued by the city yesterday, workers are cleared to go ahead and build new stairway enclosures while restoring other existing stairways. In addition, important safety systems like fire pumps, standpipe risers, and the electrical systems that support them are cleared for work. The estimated cost of the work approved in this latest permit is $11 million.

I guess we'll take Curbed's word that this is a good sign?

Does anyone have any other news about this project?  Still not sure what is moving in...

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