Thursday, April 14, 2016

Armand Pizza Opening at Old City Tavern Space on South Michigan

A reader writes:
Looks like Armand Pizza opening in old City Tavern spot.

We've never heard of this place but according to their website they have a decent amount of places:
In 1956 childhood friends Michael Caringella and Armand Christopher purchased the Victory Tap in Elmwood Park. Mike worked at his families butcher shop on Taylor Street and Armand was a successful artist.  
 They incorporated both of these things into their new venture. Mike bringing his experience and family recipes into the kitchen where he created many of the famous items on Armand’s menu and Armand exhibiting his original artwork in the main dining room.  
 The name of the establishment was decided by a coin toss, the winner was Mike and he decided to name the place Armand’s Victory Tap. 
 The concept flourished selling thousands of Mike’s signature thin crust pizzas weekly. Customers could watch from Grand Avenue as the Pizza’s were hand tossed and put into one of the only giant revolving pizza ovens in Chicago.  
 Over the years Armand’s Victory Tap became Armand’s Pizzeria and Mike and his family sold millions of pizzas as well as other signature items such as Stuffed Artichokes, Baked Clams and Antipasto Salad. Armand’s Pizzeria continues to grow and is expanding throughout Chicago and suburbs.

Sounds interesting and like a good addition to the neighborhood.  Had anyone had Armand's?  Good?

(Hat tip:  LE!)

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