Friday, March 4, 2016

Updates on 800 S. Michigan Tower and Micro-Apartment Building at Printers Row

Yesterday it was an update on Helmut Jahn's high-rise.  Today we revisit two other interesting developments.

First up, Curbed Chicago provides some good info on the new, slender high-rise proposed just south of the Essex Inn on Michigan Ave (800 S. Michigan).  It's a pretty detailed read, but worth it if you're into that stuff.  We love the pictures so here is one of our favorites:

Second, they provided an update on the "micro-apartments" that were proposed for Printers Row (at Polk and Dearborn):
The project is following a national trend of small apartments with as little as 300 square feet and developed as fully furnished luxury units. This project's apartment units will average about 326-square-feet each and would have movable furniture to increase the efficiency of the small interior spaces. As a result of the furnished nature, there won't be moving trucks lining the streets and alleys when tenants move in and out, hence the ability to not have a full size loading dock in the plans, but rather just a rear door leading to Federal Street. 
The units will be split between 90 standard apartments and 40 extended stay units. The apartments will come with a minimum of one year leases for maximum of one person per unit, while the extended stay option comes with shorter and more flexible leases starting with a one month minimum. The residences will make up floors 2-14, with the standard rentals arranged at 10 units per floor within the small building footprint. At the ground floor, a single retail space would be located along Polk Street and a lobby entrance would then face towards Dearborn Street. The 15th floor is setback with an open air terrace and serves as amenity space spanning the entire top of the building.

Good to see that these two projects are still active.  They would be good and interesting additions to the neighborhood!

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