Thursday, March 10, 2016

837 S. Wells Development to Have Above Ground Utility Poles?

A reader writes:
I appears that the developer, Michigan Avenue Development, of 42 units at 837 S. Wells has chosen to save a few bucks and blight the streetscape with alas, something NEVER seen in new buildings, not downtown at least... with 4-5 new utility poles, instead of paying to have the lines buried. It is going to make our street very ugly. And who would want to live in an apartment building with this in front, or look out at a jungle of wires! I can't believe they are so cheap. This is something one might find in an alley! How did they get away with this??????
PS. Photo shows new poles (upside down L's) and the old poles, which will probably go away.
As a reminder, the unit will be just north of Roosevelt collection and is supposed to look like this (based on a post we did back in November of 2015):

If true, seems pretty bad to us.  Anyone have any perspective on this?

(Hat tip:  MC!)

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