Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Renderings Appear for 33-Story High-Rise for Polk and Financial

To follow-up on a post we did last Friday a couple people gave us tips (including people in our comment section) on what was coming to the corner of Financial and Polk.

A reader writes:
Here are the renderings for the 33 story building going up at Financial and Polk... (via chicagoarchitecture.org): 

So why did this development fly under the radar?  Well the post on chicagoarchitecture.org provides this interesting nugget:
This building will come as a surprise to a good number of people. Especially people who have moved to the South Loop in the last decade or so. That’s because it is considered merely the development of Subarea IV of Planned Development number 523. The size and scope of the building were approved in January of 1999, but it was only this past December that the actual plans for it were filed with the city. If the building was higher than 380 feet, then there would have to be a big public presentation before the Chicago Plan Commission. But since it isn’t — no harm, no foul.

(Hat tip:  NP!)

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