Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fred Anderson Park Apparently Opens Just South of 16th and Wabash

Civic project week here at Sloopin continues (FYI this is something we just made up as we're writing this post due to all the projects going on. Monday - 14th and Wabash Stoplight, Tuesday - 18th Street Bridge and Cermak Green Line stop update).

Today, we're posting about the Fred Anderson Park at 16th and Wabash which apparently opened last night (via Fred Anderson Dog Park Facebook page):
OMD, OMD we are so excited !!! Fred Anderson Park and Dog Park are opening tonight !!!
While we're not sure what OMD means (Oh my dog?  Oh my darn? anyone? anyone?), it's nice to see this park opening.

Last we heard the park wasn't going to open until Mid-January 2015 due to a final punch-list inspection that needed to happen.

If the Fred Anderson Dog Park post from Facebook is correct, everything must be good.

If anyone is hearing something different please let us know.

(Hat tip:  DW!)

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