Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grant Park Skate Park Opens Today at 11am

Curbed Chicago has the update:
A radical new public space debuts tomorrow in the southern end of Grant Park, a crowdsourced skate park that adds a contemporary spin to the park system's crown jewel. Situated at the former site of the Central Station, a nine-story clock tower built for the Colombian Exposition, this new addition to the South Loop is the culmination of extensive work from Bob O'Neill, President of the Grant Park Advisory Council and Conservancy. He's shepherded support from a community of city bikers and skaters, forming the Grant Park Conservancy & Advisory Council Skate Committee, which informed the design of the park. The opening of this new playground, shown in these photos provided by the Conservancy, comes a month early; excited skaters have been sneaking in and trying to ride as the concrete dries.
The three-acre, plaza-style skate and wheel park, located east of the Agora statue, will open at 11:00am Saturday with a party featuring DJs and a number of local skate shops and brands.

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