Friday, January 24, 2014

Retail Roundup: Printers Row Doc? Chica Loca No Go at RC? and Kitty O'Sheas Closes?

2014 is off the a rousing start on the retail front.  Yesterday we were talking about two upcoming bar/restaurant on Clark Steet (Villain's and First Draft) and today we've got some more news to discuss.

Staying in Printer's Row, it appears that a new business is coming to the area.  A reader writes:
Passing by 730 S Dearborn st (across the street from Hackney's and Flaco's) the other day, I noticed some guys working on the space. Although the windows are papered up and the for-lease/sale sign is still up, I noticed a construction permit on the window (see attached). I'm curious and excited to see what will be coming!

We did some googling and the name on the permit appears to match that of a Doctor Akavut Suesakal who seems to have a couple offices around the city.  While that doesn't mean this will be a Doctor's office, it would assume to be a safe bet.  Does anyone have any scoop on this?

Moving slightly south to Roosevelt Collection, a reader writes:
I'm a resident at Roosevelt collection and saw them removing the "chica loca" sign on the 13th (see image to the right). Didn't think to see if more were removed. Dang it, I love Mexican!

For those who aren't familiar Chica Loca was supposed to be a Mexican restaurant from the Restaurants-America group.  It was pegged to be "Fun Mexican" on the metromix website.

While Roosevelt Collection had a solid 2013 with numerous businesses opening, for some reason no restaurants have moved in yet.  Maybe it's still coming.  Time will tell.

Moving over the Hilton Tower on Michigan Avenue, a reader writes:
Not sure if I has been said yet ( I try to read everyday) but it appears that Kitty O'Shea (inside the Hilton Hotel) is closed or they are remodeling and just closed for now. They have moved furniture and it doesn't look good.
In our opinion this is a good thing.  Kitty O'Shea's was pretty blah if you ask us.  Maybe Hilton is improving on the concept or rethinking it in its entirety.  We can't imagine that this will stay vacant.  When you have that many people in the hotel, the restaurant real estate is to fertile to stay vacant.

We're updating the business counter with the Kitty O'Shea closing.

(Hat tip: VB, KCM and MG)

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