Saturday, January 25, 2014

City Hall: Michael Reese Spot Too Big & Too Costly To Develop for Obama Presidential Library

Yesterday the Chicago Sun-Times had an exclusive with Mayor Emanuel about Chicago's announcement that it plans on having one unified bid to lure the Obama Presidential Library to the city.

While the main story was the unification of the bid, a bit of relevant South Loop news emerged on a potential site just south of the Sloop:
A U. of C. source told me the school has little interest in helping raise multi-millions of dollars for an Obama library if it is not near the South Side school. That’s their leverage in location selection.  
City Hall considers the former Michael Reese Hospital site at 29th and Ellis — close to downtown and an easy trip for tourists — as too big and too costly to develop.
By the sounds of that, Michael Reese is off the table.  However, this could just be posturing because they want this land to be a Casino (see old post from November of last year on the topic).  Anyway, should be interesting to see how this plays out.

While Columbia University (Obama's undergrad) entering the race makes it a little more competitive, we still have to think that Chicago will eventually win.  We also thought this about the 2016 Olympics, so what the hell do we know...

(Hat tip:  PB!)

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