Monday, September 16, 2013

Mariano's South Loop Opening on Tuesday, October 8th

Well this is exciting.  A reader writes:
Our family is extremely excited about this since we live just 2 blocks away! They just posted this on their Facebook page tonight.
20 days and counting!

With this in mind we went on a little walk and snapped a picture of Mariano's in its current stage:

Upon sneaking a peak inside, it looks pretty good.  It's ready for the shelves and looks like October 8th is definitely feasible.

For those who want more information here is a link to some older posts we've done (here, here and here).  If you remember the impending construction of Mariano's was the #1 story (in terms of pageviews) on Sloopin in 2012.

(Hat tip:  AB, LW, VG!)

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