Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chicago Recovery Room Opens at 1509 S. Michigan

We apparently missed a business that opened in the spring at 1509 S. Michigan:
My name is Liz Yerly, I'm the owner of the Chicago Recovery Room located at 1509 S. Michigan Ave. I officially opened April 12th.  My business is located within the Accelerated Physical Therapy space, but is completely separate from them. 
I'm essentially an open to the public athletic training room. We offer all things recovery, for all level athletes from compression boots for flushing toxins, a full submersion ice bath, and various therapy balance and rolling tools. We offer any service a collegiate level training room would offer, such as access to electrical stim machines, ice, heat, ultrasound etc... We also have massage therapy services, with a very therapeutic nature to them for injury rehab etc.  
Check out my website for more info! We've been featured on WGN, ABC, Chicago Athlete, and ESPN Sports Medicine Radio!
Welcome to the neighborhood.  We have added them to the 2013 business counter as well.

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