Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pita Belly opens at 606 S. Wabash

Back in late February, we posted about a new Mediterranean restaurant called Pita Belly coming to 606 S. Wabash.

A reader recently commented that they are officially open and upon a recent trip down South Wabash, we can confirm that this is true.  However, we haven't been yet but are looking forward to trying it out.

Has anyone been there yet?  How's the falafel?

Man I love falafel.


Josh said...

I haven't been there, but if you love falafel you should check out oasis cafe, which is in the back of a jewelry store at 21 N Wabash. It's awesome, and has been hidden secret for decades (I remember going there as a kid in the late 80s/early 90s).

Michael said...

I've gone there twice and would say the falafel is above average. Kinda pricey though, even by loop standards. But the guys behind the counter are nice and they did an ok job with the build-out. I think they'll do quite well.

Agree with Josh though, best traditional falafel in the loop is Oasis. Not only is it good but you can get a sandwich for four bucks. But get there early (or late) because at lunchtime folks are literally lined up out the door. I also like a new place called Abou Andre at 60 E. Jackson which does Lebanese-style falafel.

Totally O/T, but noticed that a retail space is being built out in University Center, on the Congress side next to Panera. STA is the big student travel agency. Great location, in a student residence and across the street from a hostel.