Friday, August 31, 2012

A New Park Coming to Indiana and Roosevelt?

A reader writes:
I am a big fan of your blog! Have been hearing rumors that the empty lot in the One Museum Park complex (Indiana & Roosevelt) will be turned into a park-do you know if this is true? Thanks!
We've heard this, but don't have any conformation either.  Does anyone know about this?

(Hat tip: MW!)


Unknown said...

I did hear they plan to turn this into a small park (think of 14th/Indiana) until they develop mid rise condos like the ones west of Indiana

Unknown said...

I heard this will be a park similar to the one at 14th/Indiana. Down the road it will turn into mid rise condos like the ones west of Indiana at 13th/Indiana

Unknown said...

Ha! don't count on it. They are so broke, they aren't going to do anything with that run down lot. Just as a hint, I've looked at that space out of my window for the past 6 years (used to be sales center), and went in there about once every other month to ask them what would become of the space once sales center is gone. They always gave me a different line of bologni every time. The last time I was in there before they tore down sales center I said what will become of the space? The guy told me 'they are telling people a park until eventually townhomes, but nothing will become of this space for a loooooong time'. They went BK on 1201 S Prairie and couldn't pay taxes on the building. Place is practically empty, and they are opening it up for real estate companies to come in there and auctioning off all the empty units. Will bring down property values in all the condos in the area, because they will go rock bottom.