Monday, July 23, 2012

Chutney Joe's (511 S. State) Closes

A reader writes:
I received an email from Vijay Puniani with confirmation that Chutney Joe's (511 S. State) is indeed dunzo. The phone is disconnected, the storefront is dark, and the website is filled with repeating logo and no content. Update the business counter. I think Vijay is going to work on Fresh 3 concept ( in Northwest Indiana.
We actually have never been to Chutney Joe's but heard it was decent.  Here are some favorable posts we've done for them in the past (here and here).

It seems like this area is pretty desirable given how many college students live above it.  It will be interesting to see if another fast food type of place comes in.  Hopefully it's something good...

...and fyi - the business counter is updated.

(Hat tip: MC & JK!)


Dan said...

Sad to see these guys shut down. The food was good although price was a little high. They have or at least had another location in Ogilvie station.

TS said...

So despite the fact that we have a couple of businesses that have closed in recent days, here are some anticipated opening dates based on my conversations with people and other publications:

Well Future Pharmacy: Wednesday, July 25th

Square One: Wednesday, August 1st

Alain's: Friday, August 3rd

Bottle and Bottega: Week of August 13th

Accessories by An'i: "Early August"

Hopefully this will turnaround the direction of the counter, even if some are delayed- plus Karamela looks like it is just waiting for a permit or something, anyone know more?