Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shots Around the Sloop: 2br/2bth w/ Amazing View of Lake, Museums, Park, City and Falcon

Unique amenities at Museum Park West
We like these Peregrine falcon pictures/stories, so we're going to follow-up on yesterdays post with some additional information.

First a funny story:
Hi, I work for the real estate company that recently took over the high-rise at Roosevelt and Prairie. Doing a unit walkthrough on the 53rd penthouse unit I spotted your friend a few weeks ago. Attached are a few pictures if you want to add to your recent blog (which we enjoy reading here in the office).
Flying to Museum Park West
Close-up:  Not your average view

Second, Stephanie Ware (from the Field Museum) who has helped keep track of the falcons provides some more information:
Just wanted to let this reader know that the pictures taken by a reader ( were, indeed, pictures of our resident peregrine falcon juveniles. This year, the south loop pair produced one male and three female offspring. You can see a few pictures of the banding of the chicks and the adult female (Helen) and her mate "Mr. M." here: 
This year, the building invited a Chicago Tribune photographer to the banding and he got better shots:,0,2540123.photogallery 
We had word from the Indiana group that Sloopy again nested at a lime plant in East Chicago. She and her unbanded mate had four chicks (3F, 1M) and they were banded on May 22nd. I guess naming her Sloopy gave her good luck! All in all, a great season for peregrines! Thanks so much for posting this!
(Hat tip: NA & SW!)


DrJen said...

Cool follow-up! Thanks!

TS said...

Good news- these falcons are known to eat small birds like pigeons and rodents. I certainly don't mind any addition to the neighborhood that limits the population of those two animals!

Windmeup said...

I saw three of the falcons swooping and diving this morning in the vicinity of Michigan between Roosevelt and forteenth. Two landed on top of the apt. building on the corner of Michigan and Roosevelt and then I lost track of them. Their movements were very elegant.