Thursday, October 6, 2011

WBEZ Looks at "Little House on Prairie"

WBEZ has a great post on their website about a lonely, historic house on the 2100 block of South Prairie and attempts to make it a landmark:

A 121-year-old remnant of the old Prairie Avenue neighborhood--the place where the city's 19th century upper crust once lived--could be headed toward landmark status this week.

Staff from the Historic Preservation Division of the city's department of Housing and Economic Development will ask the landmarks commission to recommend preliminary landmark status to the Harriet F. Rees House, 2110 S. Prairie. The commission meets Thursday afternoon at City Hall.
If you've ever been down there, the house sticks out like a sore thumb. It's a beautiful building and we would really like to see the landmark status go through.

What are your thoughts on this story? We wish the other mansions were still around...

(Image from: WBEZ and Lee Bey!)


Anonymous said...

Another boost in property values to the Lexington Park area. Wish I would have bought down there last winter.

Anonymous said...

"Another boost in property values to the Lexington Park area. Wish I would have bought down there last winter."

Lol... prices are slipping all over the sloop, especially on the fringe over at Cermak. I'm guessing you're a shill.

DrJen said...

I love that little house and worry about it's potential destruction every time I go past it. It would be wonderful as a historic site.

Anonymous said...

The lot next door to the north is, I believe the location of Daniel Burnhams first architectural commission, and eventually the home of his in-laws.

Anonymous said...

Just to comment on the property value of the South Loop. I believe there's bargains to be had in the South Loop. I know on the surface, it looks like the real estate prices are nose-diving. And perhaps they were overpriced for a long time. However, I've been watching this neighborhood evolve over the years and I believe it's time to buy!!! Everything starts with businesses... and we've seen a lot of growth in that area. The recession only slowed things down, development will continue to spread south. I think the recession might have been a good thing for the South Loop... it was growing at an unsustainable pace and in the long run brought everything back down to earth a bit. And no where in the city can you bike to downtown in under 10 minutes and have 2BR prices below $250k.