Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gushing About Two Restaurants in Printers Row

From our contributor Dick McFiddle:

My time in the south loop, specifically, printer's row has seen many new restaurants hit the scene. All have been given an equal chance, and my wife and I definitely have our favorites -- and our black list. But this isn't about our black list, its about two of our favorite dishes in the hood at two of our favorite spots.

As avid beer drinkers and borderline connoisseurs, we have been drawn to the taps of Hackneys (733 S. Dearborn) and Villains (649 S. Clark). As the seasons change, villains menu has as well-- with additions like the new bison burger. The bison burger is a deliciously sourced patty with melt in your mouth sauteed onions. If you haven't had this burger and you live in the south loop you are missing out-- and if you haven't had any of their burgers you have missed out. Not to mention, the very friendly owners of villains (and citizens of printers row) maintain a nice collection of rare draft and bottle beers that are difficult to find elsewhere in the city.

When we need a break from Villains we end up at Hackney's, everyone loves their famous burgers, but we have come to believe after many years of research that Hackneys has the best nachos in the south loop and maybe even the entire city. Baked in the oven, no chip left naked, with a trio of sour cream, guac, and salsa, the black bean and chicken nachos are a meal in and of themselves. So here's to these printer's row staples -- Hackney's and Villains.


Anonymous said...

After going to Kuma's Corner (considered by many lists as the top burger in the city) and being underwhelmed, I went to (my go to burger bar in the S. Loop) Villains a couple days later-it was so good-grass fed beef and a flakey brioche bun. It's a few dollars cheaper (than Kuma's) and you can't beat half-price burgers on Mondays. They also have good chicken sandwiches and quesadillas. Villains is a hidden gem. Hackney's burgers are above average, and their lamb burger is a nice change of pace.

Anonymous said...

The South Loop is missing great restaurants. There's not a place that draws people in from all over the city...or the country. I'm not saying we don't have our share of nicer places, but I want a Girl & The Goat or Schwa style place right outside my door. We're missing that fun, hip place that's the talk of the town. Hopefully we get one in the next couple years.

SRO Chicken Sandwich Please said...

Lot of great places on Dearborn.
Hackney's is nice and has a great beer selection, but for me, the menu is just ok.

I would give a huge recommendation to anyone that has not eaten at Standing Room Only (SRO) at 610 Dearborn and Flacos Tacos next to Hackney's.

SRO has, hands down the best chicken sandwich in the South Loop. I can never decide between the barbecue chicken sandwich with the melted cheese & overflow of barbecue, or the cajun chicken sandwich. Decent priced, healthy selections. I could eat there every day.

Flacos has some very good tacos, and the desert treats, Orchata, etc. Love it also.

The entire Dearborn St. Printers row food selection is hugely underrated.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love the breakfast burrito at Gourmand and the salads at Mediterra too. Oh wait. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Lots of action at the old Grace O'Malleys building lately!!

Jeff said...

SRO sux.

tayiah said...

anonymous October 11, 2011 11:01 AM

My response:
We have the Gage and S.Henri on michigan avenue. We are a young area we will get there. In the between time lets celebrate the businesses and patronise the ones we do have so restauranters can find us an attractive spot.