Thursday, March 31, 2011

Overflow Coffee Bar: a Grand Opening and a Grand Mission

In the fall of last year a reader was on the lookout for a coffee shop where they could go to work, relax and enjoy the neighborhood vibe. Despite our cheesy headline, it sounds like this reader and hopefully others have a new place to fulfill this desire - Overflow Coffee Bar (1550 S. State). Overflow Coffee Bar has been working towards opening up their business for awhile and it finally came to fruition. Best of all they're operating with a unique and interesting mission:
Overflow Coffee Bar is more than a typical coffee shop. For starters, we give our profits back into the community for non-profit activities. Next, we have a mission that’s more than just selling coffee. Our mission is to give South Loop residents, students and workers the opportunity to change the world. We accomplish our mission through four priorities.
Lofty goals, but ones you have to admire. For more info check out their website. Definitely an interesting read and definitely not something your 'typical' coffee shop would put down on paper. Anyway, their official grand opening is this Friday and they have a variety of special events:

Friday’s Schedule

  • 7am - First 300 people get a FREE Overflow travel mug (bring it in and get $0.30 off your drink… no expiration!)

  • 3pm - live guitar!

  • 5pm - Come in your pajamas and get an extra discount. Plus, we’ll play 80’s music.

Saturday’s Schedule

  • 10am - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

  • 11am - Special Guest Appearance of Cosmo the Lango Bulldog

  • 3pm - DJ Toxxic

Welcome to the Sloop Overflow of luck and see you soon!


Anonymous said...

finally a great place to study in the south loop..friendly service, great open space, free wifi, and great lunch. we have been there twice so far and initial experience has been well above expectations.

SouthLoopScot said...

I went last week, great coffee and friendly service! A great addition to the Sloop!

Anonymous said...

Great coffee, tea, and sweets (haven't tried the other food). Friendly staff too. I'm glad there is a coffee place like this around.
The only thing is that is is so bare and "cold" feeling for a coffee place. Just lots of open space with a few little tables and 2 chairs. No couches, or overall comfortable feel. It is a great addition and hope it stays, just just make it more comfortable and welcoming!

Neely said...

Thanks for postin' Sloopin! We live and breathe in the South Loop, literally now that we work as well as live here.

FYI everyone, top priorities for improvement once we make some money:
- more comfy seating
- a better street sign
- more child-friendly kinds of things
- special events: open mic nights, concerts, etc.

We plan to stay here for a very long time and welcome ideas and feedback. Come in, say "hi" and let us know how we can serve you better. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the coffee or food, but I have seen the space. I agree with the no style and lack of decor comments. It looks so generic. Get some rugs and used couches, turn down the lights and paint the walls...would be much more inviting to all.

Anonymous said...

Friendly folks and good coffee! Can't wait to try to some food!

Anonymous said...

Checked the place out and was very impressed. The sandwich was really good and so was the coffee. Hopefully, the neighborhood patronizes this place more so they can get some more comfortable seating etc. Overall, was really impressed with the product.

It is refreshing to see a new business do well. Was super disappointed in Donna's cafe. Have been back to Donna's twice to be fair and the food is still of horrible quality, ridiculously slow service,unbelievably small portions for the price and no specialty coffee drinks! Thank you Overflow, you have restored my faith that a new business can open and actually know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

I came in around 11am today to see if there were any more grand opening travel mugs, but, alas, I was way too late! Most of the seats were taken while I was there, and it was nice to see that while no one was ordering at the counter, the staff were taking the time to talk to their customers.

I've got to agree with the decor, but I'm sure we can all understand that this isn't a chain and that Overflow will be a work in progress when it comes to small issues like this.

Other than that, service was quick, and the Chai Tea Latte tasted well worth the price. Next time I come back, I definitely want to try the Nutella Mocha Espresso!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Overflow!

Neely said...

Thanks for all your support Sloop! We've been feelin' the love all weekend long. :) -Amanda and Brandon (owners, managers of Overflow)

Anonymous said...

It's always a struggle with how you'll invest your money when you're getting your business off the ground. I think Brandon and Amanda have done it right with making sure their food/coffee is delicious while offering the best service they know how.

I have confidence they'll get the seating/signage done right when they can because so far they've done a great job with everything else.

My favs: mixed berry parfait, quiche, iced blueberry tea

Unknown said...

stopped by this morning and thought the place was really nice. It's maybe a little sparse but what they have so far is done right. And, what's most important, the coffee was outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Great coffee shop so far. I don't mind the fact that you all opened up perhaps a little before the place is finished--it will be fun to watch the space develop, but that said, I hope that happens sooner rather than later. My first experience: the coffee was great, but the lack of seating and the awkward open space in the middle made it a less than ideal study spot. I agree that the lights should be turned down a bit and some rugs and couches would go a long way. Perhaps you're going for a more contemporary feel, but right now it feels a little bland and sterile. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but really hoping for your place to reach its potential. Good luck!