Friday, June 18, 2010

A Phantom to Help Vacant Retail in the Sloop?

For the loyal Sloopin readers out there you probably remember a post we did about a novel idea that gives vacant retail space to artists temporarily. It proved very popular in New York and has even been relatively successful in the Loop (see this Pop-Up Art Loop link).

With that said, we were happy to read that it appears that some South Loop property owners could be offering retail space to artists. The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network writes on their blog:
Curators interested in Storefront gallery space for July - October? Here are some locations that have been offered to the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. I will be touring these locations and posting each site on the blog. If you are interested post a comment for the locations.

1503 S. State Street (Power for full gallery)
1900 S. Michigan (Window Space)
1400 S. Michigan (Raw Space)
1727 S. Indiana (Lower level attrium)
219 E. 21st
Also opportunities for public art installations at Roosevelt and Wabash
We're not sure what the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network is, but hopefully they can find somebody to occupy this would be great for the Sloop!


Jonathan Michael Johnson said...

Hey, what a great idea!

I'd gladly fill up a gallery space with my photographic work - the store front window space would be excellent:

Planck Studios

If you want some company - let me know when you'll be checking out the locations - I'd like to see them too.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of great artwork of turtles in the loop space. Would love to see the south loop be able to display artfully designed turtles as well.

Anonymous said...

What a great use of empty space! I hope this actually happens.

Anonymous said...

Here a better use for empty retail space: commercial tenants!

Why would anyone "hope this happens"?

Further, you left about 50 empty retail spots off your list.

Christie Chew-Wallace said...

I would be interested in displaying my large abstracts in one of these spaces. I would also be able to find other artists to share the space with me.
Christie Chew-Wallace

Anonymous said...

Anon @ June 19, 2010 9:03 AM, are you implying that this would somehow keep commercial tenants away?

Anonymous said...

Is there a deal worked out with the retail owner and the artist? 10% of sales ? or is it the idea of making the space look inviting in hopes to lease the space to an actual tenant ? Either way is great, more curious than anything ?