Thursday, June 24, 2010

Donna's Cafe Coming to 1255 S. State?

A reader sent us a picture from 1255 S. State that reads:

A true cafe would be great for this building and area. There are a lot of families that live in Dearborn park II and a cute, folksy cafe would probably do great business catering to them. Obviously we're no privy to what the atmosphere will be like at Donna's, but it could be a great fit! Best of luck to them.

(Hat Tip: ED!)


Anonymous said...

Please have wi-fi !

Anonymous said...

That's great! The Sloop definitely needs a sandwich shop!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! I live at 1255.

Donna said...

Hi, I'm Donna of Donna's Cafe!
You'll never guess how excited I was when my mother called to tell me that a search for Donna's Cafe, Chicago, came up with your blog!

Thank you!

We plan to open in October, I'm hoping there will be enough good weather for my customers to take advantage of the outdoor patio.
There will be free wi-fi :-)

But I must tell you that we are not JUST a sandwich shop! Donna's will be a place to come eat and meet up with your friends in a warm inviting atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Donna! Can't wait to have a meal at your new spot.

Anonymous said...

Will you have ice cream? Please?

HarveyBirdman said...

Cool. Welcome to the sloop, and ignore the sarky anon.

Donna said...

Thank you Harveybirdman for the welcome!
I won't ignore the remark but I will show, when I open, that I am not JUST another sandwich shop!
My goal is to bridge the gap between the higher end dining establishments and the Subway's and Jimmy Johns.
I do understand and I'm sure others do as well, that I can't please everyone! What I will do is offer fresh quality foods at reasonable prices in an environment that you'll feel comfortable in!
I would SO love to have ice cream but I'm working with a very limited amount of space! :-( But who knows I may be able to squeeze in a VERY small selection! LOL
If anyone sees the door open, please poke your head in and say hi! Some have already done so and it is so encouraging to have you wish me well and let me know that you are looking forward to my opening almost as much as I!

Christina said...

I'm definitely excited for Donna's opening! I hope there will be some gluten-free options.