Thursday, June 3, 2010

Code of Conduct Open

Early in February we posted about the new tattoo parlor, Code of Conduct (14 East 11th Street), and we just got word from the owners that they're open and ready for business. Also in case you've missed it, they've been getting some love from various local websites/blogs:
With a stable of tat artists boasting clients ranging from ex-Bull Randy Brown to hip hop's The Cool Kids, those pondering some body art will find a couch-laden "living room" area outfitted with entertainment (board games, X-Box) plus a carefully curated library of picture-stocked books to spark ideas, and, in case those don't do it, a grip of iPads for cruising net-based inspiration (dude, when you flex your bicep, the Numa Numa kid actually jiggles).
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Tony II said...

Code of Conduct got a visit from Conan's crew to get a tattoo this is