Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Sloopin's Top Posts of 2020: Apolonia Restaurant Coming to Motor Row

Saying bye to 2020 can't come soon enough, but before we do we're looking back at the top three posts that garnered the most traffic to the site.  Yesterday My Gym - which hasn't opened - clocked in at the third most viewed post on the site.  

Today, another post about a business that hasn't opened yet was our second most viewed post of 2020.  This one was a post from January 30th titled "Apolonia Restaurant - from the Chef of S.K.Y. in Pilsen - Coming to Corner of Michigan and Cermak".  

Similar to yesterday, this post and news was prior to the pandemic threw everything off in 2020.  However, according to their Facebook page it appears that construction on their interior is at least moving forward:

So while they didn't open up in 2020 as they wanted to, it's looking like 2021 might be their year.  This addition to the Motor Row area would be a big boon so hopefully it happens.

We will stay close to this one and hope for the best!

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