Friday, October 30, 2020

Everest - Michelin Starred Restaurant at 425 S. Financial - to Close at Year's End After Three Decade Run

It looks like one of the neighborhood's top restaurants is closing at years end (via Tribune):

 After more than three decades as one of Chicago’s peak dining experiences, Everest is stepping down. The four-star restaurant will serve its last meal on New Year’s Eve.

“Many times in life, you have to know when it’s time for something to end,” said chef/proprietor Jean Joho. “It feels good, after all this time, to close.”

This year has seen a number of high-profile Chicago restaurants announce their departure. But in the case of Everest, Joho said, the coronavirus pandemic was not a factor.

“It’s all about the lease,” he said. “The lease was up, and I was in negotiations way before COVID. But the building didn’t want to renew the lease. I’ve known for a while we would close — I knew before COVID — but then COVID came and I didn’t want to close then, I wanted to wait. I wanted to be open for my customers, my staff.”

While it's debatable if this is really a "Sloop restaurant", it is certainly close to the neighborhood and one that has stood the test of time.  We never actually went to this restaurant (French cuisine isn't really our thing), but it was one we kept our eye on.

It's sad to see them close up shop, but it sounds like it was just a matter of time.  Couple this news with the uncertainty of Michelin starred Acadia on south Wabash and the Sloop's fine dinning scene has taken a big hit.  That said, it seems like fine dinning is of small concern in the era of Covid-19, but something tells us that on the other side of the pandemic these ones will hurt.  

Regardless, congrats to Chef Joho on an amazing run (35 years!!!) and best of luck in your next chapter.

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