Monday, August 3, 2015

PBR and Fireworks at New Grant Park Skate Park?

Maybe this isn't the most appropriate time for this post given this past weekends annual shenanigans at Lollapalooza, but what the heck...a reader writes:
Skater at New Grant Park Skate Park (via DNAinfo)
Have you heard many complaints about the Grant Park Skate Park? I'm a fan of the skate park concept (I even went to the Mountain Dew event there a few weeks ago.) But, in the last 12 hours, my mind has changed. A clearly underage kid rode into the park at around 7:30 last night with a case of PBR onboard. I thought that was pretty bold. 
This morning, while walking our dogs at 4:30am (yes, I know that is crazy early), 6 kids set off fireworks in the skate park and then hightailed it out of there on their skateboards. Not cool. That had to wake up folks in the high-rises at Roosevelt and Michigan/Indiana. Anyhow...I was wondering if these are isolated incidents or if bad behavior in the skate park is becoming a problem.
Anyone have similar thoughts or observations?  It seems like the skate park has been relatively well received, but stories like the two above seem unfortunate (and maybe even inevitable).

(Hat tip:  CD!)

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