Friday, October 25, 2013

Bacci Pizza Replaces Butterfield Kitchen at Roosevelt L Station

Back in January we got word that a vendor was finally going to occupy the retail space at the Roosevelt L station.  We deducted that it was a new concept called Butterfield Kitchen.  They subsequently opened in March.

Fast forward to October and it appears that they're being replaced by an "express" Bacci Pizza:
Bacci Pizza Express Replaces Buttefield Kitchen at Roosevelt L Station
For those of you who aren't familiar with Bacci, you probably haven't had a drunk experience at Wrigley field (we kid).  Bacci is well known for their "Jumbo Slice" and free pop.  We can attest that it's a big slide of pie.

While it may not be the best pizza in town, in our opinion it's adequate for what it is (and one slice is all you need to be full).

While it's not terribly surprising that a high-end breakfast/sandwich/lunch place wouldn't thrive at an L stop (considering the amount of solid and similar concepts in close proximity), we figured they would have lasted longer.  

A quick stop pizza spot seems more practical for the space.  We look forward to trying out a slice sometime soon (probably after a drunken night out on the town).

(Hat tip: CD!)

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