Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Columbia College Film School Evolves

When walking around the Sloop on a nice day, it's not uncommon to see students on the streets filming. It gives the neighborhood an interesting feel and serves as a testing ground for future technical stars.

On Sunday there was a great story in the Chicago Tribune about Columbia College's attempt to remake it film school:
The cliches of student filmmaking (alarm clocks in opening shots, Tarantino-inspired handguns pointed sideways, etc.) tend to be universal. These days, however, faculty and alumni say they've been noticing more personal-minded, narrative-conscious students at Columbia. None of it comes as a surprise: The school's four-decade-old film program, long a home for documentary filmmaking and nuts-and-bolts technical instruction, is making bold steps toward reinvention. Yet there's a question on the minds of many of those same faculty, alumni and even students: When will it see the respect that other film schools enjoy?


Unknown said...

Sad news from the South Loop: Cuatro will be closing (for good) after dinner service Saturday.

Anonymous said...

This is sad news. However, that is a very poor location, even with Ickes being partially destroyed. Unfortunately, it seems like each time one restaurant opens in the Sloop, two restaurants close. I have a feeling both Opera and utopia/exposure/now open will be shuttered soon as well.