Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogging the Creation of the BMX Course

Two weeks ago we posted about the Red Bull BMX event that is rumored to be happening at Wells and Harrison on May 15th and were excited to see a commenter/reader mention that they were going to be blogging and taking pictures of the creation of the course at their site
Since my living room overlooks the lot and the future course, I’ve decided to cover the construction and implementation of the event on this here blog. If you’re interested in the politics and impact of the situation then check out South Loop blog, Sloopin’s coverage. I’ll be hanging out, shooting pictures and drinking a beer, watching dudes do flips on bicycles. Below are some photos from this morning.
Take a look at the has some interesting pictures and should be fun to watch the progress.

(Hat Tip: Brian!)


Cherise said...

Well, I'm glad someone's excited about it.

Brian said...

Thanks for the link! I didn't even see this until now. I'm taking pictures as they make progress on the site. They added two more containers today - probably filled with "abandoned" construction equipment.