Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama = Good for Chicago 2016

It's been said a million times on Sloopin and other media outlets, but here is another article, this time by the Chicago Examiner, talking about Obama and what it means for the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. A point that sometimes gets lost is the alternative choice for President and it's ramifications for the bid. McCain supposedly has a icy relationship with the IOC due to the Salt Lake Controversy:

"When the Salt Lake City bribery scandal exploded in 1999, McCain pointedly "invited" IOC then-president Juan Antonio Samaranch to be questioned in a Congressional hearing looking into the matter of IOC members taking bribes from Salt Lake officials, and the overall gift-grabbing culture of the IOC. Samaranch never showed, but the request -- and McCain's correct assertion that blame be spread beyond Salt Lake -- did not make McCain popular among IOC members, a body with a reputation for a long memory."

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