Thursday, July 2, 2020

Local Mini-Chain Surf's Up Eyeing Expansion in Sloop?

We've never heard of Surf's Up, a local casual seafood mini-chain, but judging by some reviews it seems pretty popular (4.3 stars on Google Reviews!).

The chain now has 10 locations and just opened a new one in Old Town according to Eater Chicago. Upon reading the post on Eater, we also saw this blurb that caught our interest:
They want to open Surf’s Up restaurants outside of the Chicago area. They’ve already opened in Huntsville, Alabama. LA, Houston, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis are also being considered. Locally, South Loop and suburban Chicago Heights locations are also planned. Earlier this year, the family-run chain also added a virtual kitchen in Avondale for online ordering and delivery.

We will see if this happens.  Obviously it's a strange time and we imagine broad expansion plans will have to be reconsidered during the pandemic. 

More interesting to us is a trend around seafood themed restaurants.  Just in the Sloop we've seen All-Star Seafood and Sports open on Clark street recently and Low Country open in the last couple of years.  Curious to see how they all do.

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