Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Who Needs a Some Sloopin Sushi

We took our own advice and ordered dinner from one of our favorite places - Asian Outpost.

To our surprise, as we looked at the online menu we saw something we've never seen before:
SLOOPIN on Da Big Island
Sushi rice | softshell crab | tempura shrimp | avocado | topped w salmon | hamachi | tuna | lemon miso aioli | spicy creamy Sriracha aioli + mini riceless poké bowl: mixed greens | salmon | hamachi | tuna | beets | red peppers | cucumbers | seaweed salad | carrots | red cabbage | avocado | mukimame | sliced inari

It was a sign and we have the photo proof:

By our count that makes two dishes in the neighborhood named after this here blog (also a hat tip to Umai Sushi's Sloopin roll).

Go out and support our local businesses and restaurants!

Stay safe everyone.

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