Tuesday, October 29, 2019

HAX to Close on Wednesday, October 30th

Well this sucks (via Hax Facebook page):

Lost of questions are still unanswered regarding what happened or what's next.  The owners of Hax (formerly Hackney's) are also owners Flacos Tacos (which presumably will stay open) and of Gordo's - the Ice Cream bar shop that is actually attached to Hax.  It's unclear if Gordo's will stay open.

As a reminder, Hax was previously a popular sit-down restaurant called Hackney's.  At the time, the many in the neighborhood questioned the move considering Hackney's did a consistent business.  They officially closed their doors in 2016 and took about a year to reopen as Hax.  While the concept of Hax was interesting, it never gained a ton of traction with the neighborhood.

We will stay close to this one as it's certainly a prime restaurant/retail spot in Printers Row.

If anyone has any tips let us know. 

(Hat tip: NS!)

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