Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chipotle Build-out Starts at 1136 S. Wabash?

It's been awhile since we've seen or heard anything about the rumored Chipotle coming to 1136 S. Wabash.  As you may recall back in December of 2018 a reader tipped us to "coming soon" location on Chipotle's website.

Just recently another reader sent us this email and picture:
Today the workers at 1140 S Wabash told me that the space is being built out for a Chipotle restaurant.

So it seems that this is moving forward.  We also recently saw a light on inside the space, so maybe the construction will pick up.

Between Chipotle and Molly's Cupcakes the 1100 block of Wabash is getting picking up steam.  We'll be curious what type of business moves in at the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt where Bongo Room used to be.  We imagine it will be a restaurant of some variety.  Seems like another coffee spot could be primed to take it over (although the area seems pretty well served on the coffee front...).

(Hat tip: BH!)

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