Friday, November 3, 2017

Soldier Field in the Running to Host Some 2026 World Cup Matches

In case you missed this, a big sports event might be coming to our hood...well in 8ish years (via Sun Times):
Chicago’s bid to host games during the 2026 World Cup looks strong.
The city has extensive experience with major conventions and international events. There also has been no shortage of prominent soccer games, notably during the 1994 World Cup and the 1999 Women’s World Cup. Infrastructure wouldn’t be an issue. Centrally located, Chicago is flanked by two international airports and has more than enough hotel rooms, restaurants and attractions to satisfy the influx of guests from around the world.

But it's not only Chicago's to lose.  It's a part of a bigger multi-country bid:
Chicago is one of 25 U.S. cities — and 32 total — left in contention to host games as part of the United Bid Committee’s campaign to bring the tournament to North America. The United Bid Committee is a combined effort between the soccer federations of the United States, Canada and Mexico, and it’s expected to beat out Morocco to win the rights to the 2026 tournament.

“It’s really nice that there is the collaborative bid with the three nations,” Bachman said. “I think it’s just a good message, a good vibe. It’s a different and unique approach they haven’t really seen before, and that just brings an even greater positive impact.”

Would be fun even if it's a long ways away.

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