Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Coming Soon Signs Appear for Aligned Modern Health at 1335 S. Michigan

It appears that more and more businesses are coming to South Michigan.  Yesterday we posted about a business called "Vault" and today, we got a picture with signage suggesting a Aligned Modern Health is coming soon to 1335 S. Michigan:

We don't know much about this business, but according to their website they offer a variety of services ranging from acupuncture to fitness classes.  They also have numerous locations in various neighborhoods around the Chicago.

What's not clear is where they're moving in within the building.  As you can also see in the picture, PianoForte owns and occupies this building (as far as we know).  Not sure if they aren't using the entire space or whether they are downsizing.

As you may recall the first floor is full of pianos, so not sure if they're moving those to a higher floor or if Aligned Modern Health is simply taking one of the other floors.

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