Monday, July 13, 2015

The Adventurers Club Moving Out of the Sloop?

A reader writes:
There's been a lot of action on Dearborn St lately. The listing for 714 S Dearborn St #6 has changed status to "sale pending". This is the location of The Adventurer's Club of Chicago, and they have collected some rather, err, unique items to display. Caught a picture of them moving a polar bear out of the building earlier this week. The real estate photos of the interior of this unit remind me of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes (the club Fred Flintstone belonged to)!  
You can check out the Adventurer's website here:  
Curbed Chicago wrote about it back in May 2014 when the real estate listing went up, I assume. 
We've actually stumbled upon this listing before and it definitely caught our eye.

Definitely an interesting head scratcher.  You can only imagine what type of conversations happened in this unit.  Does anyone know anyone who was part of this club?

(Hat tip: RB!)

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