Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update on New Retail Projects at Roosevelt Collection; Yoga Six Opening There Also!

Roosevelt Collection gets a lot of coverage here at Sloopin and today we have an update that they recently sent to their residents:
Bentley’s Corner Barkery is opening in the East Tower this week! Two restaurants are on the way and the build-outs will be starting in spaces on the north end of the plaza (one of them is Mirai Market-more specifics will come with the official announcements). Fitness enthusiasts will have a couple more options with Shred 415 and Yoga Six opening in the West Tower.  
Northwestern Memorial Hospital is coming to the second level of the East Tower. Construction is scheduled to start next week. Work is being restricted to business hours and we’ll keep you updated with any aspects of the project that may affect you and your neighbors.  
The British School site construction is underway. They will be driving pilings for the foundation starting mid-April.

Good to see an update.  The only new news to us is that Yoga Six is opening at RC.  Everything else has been covered here before.  From what we can tell Yoga Six is a California based yoga studio that has expanded to St. Louis and now apparently Chicago.

Anyway, good to see some progress.

(Hat tip:  SH!)

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