Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old YMCA Building on South Michigan Could Be Demolished

Blair Kamin of the Chicago Tribune had a post yesterday about the potential demolition of the old YMCA building at (830 S. Michigan Ave.), one of the oldest buildings on the historic street:
Unless a miracle happens, the old YMCA Building at 830 S. Michigan Ave., one of the oldest buildings on the Michigan Avenue streewall (historic district), will likely be demolished in the near future.

The owner this week applied for a demolition permit, after repeated citations by the city's Building Department. The parties were in court today at the Daley Center and the case has been continued to November 12. Alderban Fioretti's office was there, as were we and some neighbors.

We are all for preservation of old, historic (and in this case beautiful) buildings, but it sounds and looks like this one is in bad shape. If there is funding to restore and/or preserve it great, but most importantly we would rather have a functional building that brings something useful to the neighborhood. We walk by the building all the time and although you can tell it was great when it was in use, in its current form it's an eye sore.

In other demolition news, Kamin also reports that demolition of the first Gropius building on the old Michael Reese Hospital Campus has begun.

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Anonymous said...

How is an empty lot going to be a functional building? It will take at least 5-7 years before you see anything on this site if the current building is torn down.

Anonymous said...

dilapidated building versus empty lot? my vote is for the empty lot!

Anonymous said...

Sad that a jewel like this will be demolished while our tax dollars are poured into rehabbing housing projects that are absolutely torn to pieces and utterly trashed by residents.