Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Slick Promotional Video Envisions a New Soldier Field and Surrounding Area

 The video says a lot:

It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of shiny new things, but the reality is this seems extremely unlikely on many fronts.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial board probably summed it up best with their headline "A fantasy Soldier Field video brightened a gray January weekend. Don’t be fooled."  It's a good read and this statement probably sums it up best:
The video features Bill Kurtis, the city’s most respected baritone booster, coaxing us to live up to our potential. “Chicago,” it begins, seductively, “the model of a world-class city.”

Whenever you hear the adjective “world-class” (or anyone quoting Daniel Burnham) in a proposal, watch your wallets and purses. And know that anyone using the phrase is about to argue that “world-class” (whatever that means) might just go away without whatever megaproject they are hyping.

There are a lot of great points in the piece - including some interesting nuggets about the Bears move to Arlington Heights potentially running into some snags.

Look - the idea of Soldier Field being revamped is great on paper (or in a video) - but the chance of this happening seems less than 1% (and that's generous).

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