Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sloop View from the Auditorium Building

An interesting view of the Sloop, by Lee Bey's Beyond the Boat Tour blog on WBEZ:

The Adler & Sullivan-designed Auditorium Building has complemented the streetscape and skyline since 1889.

And looking out on the city from the top of the tower that crowns the 122-year-old landmark (and home to Roosevelt University), the building returns the favor. Nineteen stories above the corner of Congress and Michigan, it's a view few get to see--but, man, is it a good one. The above photo looks south and you can see the EL snaking down the right side of the photo; the Congress Hotel is on the left. In the distance you can see the residential towers along Roosevelt Road seven blocks south.

(Image from Lee Bey)

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