Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Burger Point Set to Open on November 4th

We recently received an email from a reader who noticed some people outside of The Burger Point (1900 S. Sate):

Hey Sloopin,

I just walked by The Burger Point at 1900 S. State. There were about a dozen people in there and I didn't want to wait in line, so I grabbed a menu and will try it for lunch tomorrow.

The menu says 'limited soft opening menu' so it will probably be tweaked. The burgers all sound unique and they claim to only serve all natural beef. I was hoping to see a bison burger, but as of right now they do not offer one. No chili on the menu, either. They list 10 different sauces for their wings. Fries come either russet potato or sweet potato. Sorry no interior pics, but I scanned and attached the menu (see


With that said, we did some internet sleuthing and found an official opening date via their Facebook page:

The moment is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grand Opening is set for November 4th 2011!!!! We are so excited! Thank you for all the well wishes and cheers! We hope to see all of your friendly faces soon! To our Facebook fans tay tuned for special offers and tastings only for you!
Looking forward to this one!

(hat tip: JR!)


  1. wake me up when it's spring....

    Burger point at 19th and state...snoozer..

  2. I tried a burger today with sweet potato fries and it was good. Right up there with WeberGrill BUT cheaper. I'll definitely come back.

  3. I also tried a burger today...Yum!! I had the number 1 which had one patty, bacon, a fried egg, roasted green chili
    Peppers, and cheese on a pretzel roll. The flavors were very complimentary and the ingredients were all seemingly very fresh and of good quality! The fries were very thin fresh cut fries with a very nice balance of salt. I was very impressed for their soft opening!

  4. This place is outstanding! I went on Thursday and was very impressed by what I received. All meat is freshly ground onsite using higher quality ingredients and made to order. Couldn't be happier! I'll be a regular here.

  5. then you will be 400 lbs....

  6. Awesome. Been waiting for a place like this in this part of the hood for years.

  7. I wonder how many of those comments come from ownership, management and staff of the burger point?

    I'm guessing that the first comment and the comment from Steve are not but > 50% chance on the others.

  8. I'm not mgmt or staff. My wife and I tried it out yesterday for lunch and were blown away. I had the #1, which was fantastic. Jalepenos worked well with the egg, bacon, and cheese. You've got to try the sweet potatoe fries. Very friendly staff too. Welcome to the neighborhood, Burger Point.

  9. I posted the comment about going last Thursday. No, I'm not part of the staff. I live nearby and love having a burger option this close. I tried the Scout but the place sucks and there's no where else to get a burger within walking distance. I do find it quite hilarious that people find happiness in their criticism of others rather than enjoying the fact that the area was in dire need of a place like this. I, for one, couldn't be happier to have it in the neighborhood. Maybe you would prefer another vet or day care.

  10. "I wonder how many of those comments come from ownership, management and staff of the burger point?"

    Is it that hard to believe that people actually like this place? Check out yelp, tons of great reviews for it already. I've been waiting for someone to make a good burger in the sloop for a long time, can't wait to try it.

  11. I am the poster from 10/29 5:38

    Hello Anon 10/31 1:54AM-I am not an owner or employee of the burger point. I am a south loop resident excited by new business in the area, particularly when it is delicious, convienent, and well run!

    Why so angry and suspicious? Perhaps try getting some better sleep vs posting on random blogs at 2 in the morning! Or at the very least go try a burger at the burger point, it will make you happy!!

  12. To the Burger hunter above. Flo & Santos has a really good burger. Pretty standard, pretzel bun, juicy. Give it a shot. Can't wait to try Burger Point too!

    On The Scout topic, I noticed the meatloaf and sloppy joe are gone from the menu. Two (former) favorite items.

  13. no burger places here. really how about White Castle, McDonalds over by McCormick or Burger King on S. Michigan. I here they might have burgers there.

    I'm going to post how awesome and juicy they are..let's go....

  14. To Anon @October 31, 2011 6:38 PM- There is a big difference between a gourmet burger place and fast food places like McDonalds, White Castle and Burger King. Besides, south of Cermak is pretty scary, I would never walk down to any of those places just to check them out. Driving is the only way to go south. I hope Burger Point succeeds and much needed retail shops will continue to come into that plaza!

  15. @Anon 6:38

    You listed 3 fast food options. No thank you. These are real burgers made by a local resident that lives in the area. Grass fed high quality burgers all made to order while you wait. But if that doesn't matter to you then I understand why you wouldn't care about this place.

    It would be the same as me suggesting olive garden when you want Italian food. Simply put, it's just not the same.

  16. I woke-up so excited and focused on the Burger Point and completely committed to taking down those idiots that were bad mouthing it and comparing it to White Castle, Burger King, McDonnalds and Flo's.
    I was ready to dedicate my day to defending the Burger Point and posting numerous comments to this point.

    Then I saw the huge and even more exciting news about a NEW TRAFFIC LIGHT being installed in the sloop!! SWEET!! Needless to say, this news has totally re-focused me to contemplate the thrill of the new light and associated traffic controls. I hate to abandon the Burger Point but I'm sure you all understand that the attention and excitement need to go with this new traffic light. Bye for now.

  17. to anon @ 8:29am

    Is burger point slow food as opposed to "fast food"? If so, why is being "slow food" a better customer experience. (I am specifically referring to the speed aspect here since you alude to fast speed being bad).

    The burgers at White Castle are also prepared by "local residents" too. I think they are even more "local" then Burger Points local resident. I guess being a local is good because as everyone knows people from the "hood" make the best burgers.

    How the heck do you as a customer (wink wink) really know what the cows are fed? How would Burger Point really know? The only really fully integrated feed to farm to store burger provider is McDonalds. They own/manage the entire supply chain. They are probably the only ones that can say for certain what goes into their cows.

    By the way, you sound like someone who is affiliated with the place. If you want to sound more like a customer on here to better sell the place you need to be more casual, focus on the good parts of Burger point that would resonate with true customers (service speed and attitude, quality of food prep, taste, value for money, cleanliness, the sort of stuff you look for when you go to a place as a customer... as opposed to the fact that the cook is a "local" which most customers couldn't care less about not to mention the fact they probably would never know any way).

  18. Stopped by today and while it's great to have an option like this in the south part of SL where we're a little low on options, I guess I was expecting a lot more. The burger was good, but nothing special, and personally I hated the shoestring fries. I'm sure I'll visit again and wish them luck, but the 5 star reviews on Yelp are a little ambitious.

  19. @ Anon 6:45 PM

    I'm not sure I understand the point you're trying to make. If you really dislike this place without having tried it, I encourage you to never eat there since it bothers you to no avail. If I really was an employee, would I say something like that?

    If you prefer your burgers premade and sitting under a steamer or heat lamp, then feel free to continue eating that way. I have no issues with everyones choices they make. I'll restate that I'm happy to have this place near my house.

    If you prefer your burgers made with ammonium laced antiobiotic ridden "beaf", then you are free to eat that way. No issues on my side. I prefer something more natural. Lets not forget that cows do love eating grass. And yes, I fully admit to putting a level of trust into a restaurant on their word. After all, if you order a gluten free option at any restaurant, aren't we taking them at their word that no wheat flour was used? This is no different.

    The reason I know the owners are local is I read about it in the news months ago based on a story that was done. You see, the newspapers also have an interest in new restaurants that are opening. This is the concept of the news. Forgive me for taking an interest in my neighborhood and having an appreciation for new businesses coming to the area.

    Continue eating where you do. I'll be the one leaving this place with a smile on my face. Feel free to wave when you drive by. Chao

  20. Hey anon at 8:57, I thjink that the other guy may be right and that you probably wokr there, manage it or are friends with the owner maybe.

  21. Hey anon at 9:29, I thjink that the other guy may be right and that you probably are a bitter competitor who didn't manage to make it in the hood.


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