Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dilapidated Building at 1323 S. Michigan Looking for Zoning Change

A reader writes about potential zoning changes at an old, but promising building on South Michigan:
Not sure what this means, but just wanted to let you know I received letter related to a zoning appeal for 1323 S Michigan. In the letter, it stated that "the purpose of the Variation Application at 1323 South Michigan is to reduce the number of parking spaces to 17 instead of the required 21 and to reduce the loading berth requirement from one berth to zero berths to allow for the conversion of the existing building to a 30 dwelling unit building with commercial space on the ground floor"
Sounds like they're getting ready to renovate this building.  Guess we will see.

It seems like a pretty cool building and it will be nice to have some more retail space and not some dilapidated space on Michigan Avenue.  Slowly but surely, this stretch is becoming quite the destination.

(Hat tip:  JC!)

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