Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Construction Resumes at 1345 S. Wabash Highrise

Excavator at Digs at 1345 S. Wabash (via YoChicago)
In case you missed it, construction on the 15 story 1345 S. Wabash high-rise is resuming (via YoChicago):
A Komatsu hydraulic excavator, a team of surveyors and a supervisory crew from Lend Lease were on-site at 1345 S Wabash in the South Loop yesterday, preparing for the construction of a 15-story high-rise condo building.  
1345 Wabash will be the first new high-rise condo built in Chicago in years, and it’s likely to come out of the ground quickly. There were foundation pilings for a previous development on the site. A representative of Lend Lease, the general contractor, reported that 58 additional pilings will be driven over a time span of about a week.
This is the first tower of what presumably will be two towers (however it appears that they won't be building 1333 S. Wabash simultaneously).

According to the developers website the condos will be delivered in early 2015.  So expect an aggressive buildout.

We also posted about a retail buildout at 1620 S. Michigan, but it appears that this is actually the sales office for the 1345 S. Wabash condo building.

(Hat tip: JC!)

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