Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bash on Wabash Comes to the Sloop this Saturday and Sunday (8/25 & 26)

Believe it or not, we've never ever been to the Bash on Wabash.  While there was some uncertainty surrounding the event last year, it appears that this years event is much more organized.

For those not familiar with the bash, it's the South Loop's neighborhood festival.  It is organized by the Greater South Loop Association (GSLA) and all proceeds go to the organization.

Reggie's Rock Club has become more involved with the event lately and that's a good thing.  They know how to pick some talent (check out the line-up on the right).

If music isn't your thing, here are some of the other highlights for this years fest:

  • Fresh roasted corn
  • Beer and wine
  • Kids area
  • Corn Bags Tournament
  • Free Sumo Wrestling featuring an actual Battle Of The Bands…in the Sumo Ring! 
  • Free Mechanical Bull
  • Food Trucks
  • Psychic/Tarot Reader

It sounds like a hodgepodge of things to do, but should be fun regardless.  We're excited to check it out for the first time

(Hat tip: C!)


  1. Flatfoot 56 is AWESOME... I can't wait.

  2. I hope the kids section is a bit safer than the years past. Having my children play on jumping things then land on the hard asphalt is NOT a good idea.

  3. a solution to that would just be to watch your kids and make sure they are being safe rather than demand a street fair make changes because your kid cant help falling out of the jungle gym.

    The train to naperville is leaving soon *hint hint*

  4. Brendan, really? I am talking about how they put the obstacle course, bouncy house, and other attractions smack on the asphalt without any padding underneath. When the kids fall out of the bouncy house, it hurts, when they trip and fall, it hurts, when the game is 120 degrees hot, it hurts. I prefer to let them run free without hovering over them (unlike parents in the burbs), but constant band-aid applications and wiping of tears does not make it fun for anyone.

    Brendan, I'd like to make a request... a request for you to refrain from any more "suburban" references as most families in the sloop are here to stay. It's degrading and unnecessary for you to judge anyone...

  5. I'm a big fan of this blog and apologize in advance for stating the obvious, but it's pretty clear BRENDAN gets off on being a prick in the comments sections.

  6. is it just me or is bash on wabash weak sauce street fest? i went a few times and they were poorly planned and thought i wasted my money... (the 5 dollars i was guilt'd into "donating") not a big fan.

  7. They should just stop doing the event if its as bad as its been the past few years this time around

  8. They've got a new guy running it, a little younger. I think it looks promising. I agree that it has been bad in years past, but you can't give up. With all the bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, this could eventually turn into a pretty good street fest.

  9. I've raised 2 girls in the south loop with my wife and I can tell you this--- the utter stupidity that comes out of the mouths of some of these newer parents is disgusting, IMO. "the bar told us we couldnt have our newborns in the place past 10 pm, wtf?" , " when i push my stroller in traffic, cars beep at me how rude!" , " I hope they design the bouncy gym so my son cant fall out of it" . Geez, please leave this area and let the rest of us enjoy it. Bad parenting?

  10. Brendan = South Loop Douche. I feel sorry for your daughters...

  11. one is inhouse council with AON corp and the other is a graduate of Vasser with a degree in political science.

    We are very proud of them both....and also proud that they werent raised by people that call others "douche".

    "Unknown"'re first class all the way. Bad parenting...

  12. No offense, Brendan, but if you're going to brag about how awesome your kids are while berating other parents, it would be a good thing to spell "Vassar" correctly.

  13. I believe we had weather issues last year. Bash on Wabash has great potential but needs more support and advertising/awareness in the neighborhood and news.More involvement by sloop businesses would help. Xsport? Malnati's? Trader joes? salons? Old St Mary?

  14. There is definitely this cute young guy who is somehow involved this year. Anyone know who he is? Apparently he works in the music industry and manages a famous rock band. Maybe he'll bring a fresh vibe. Hopefully he can help turn the festival around. I know a lot of us want to complain about how bad it's been in past years but instead of doing that we should all get involved to help make it better.

  15. sorry about "vasser", my iphone never allows it to be spelled the correct way for some reason.

    "unknown" lol

    "Oh i'm so against the new register policy at Sloopin... i'll show them! My new name is UNKNOWN!"

    some of you people are hilarious...

    If you must know I live at roosevelt and mich....

    I think Unknown is a little slow. LOL


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