Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Acadia Owner Honored as Guest Chef at NYC James Beard House

We're big fans of Acadia and appears that others are as well.  According to the Tribune
Ryan McCaskey, chef/owner of Acadia (1639 S. Wabash Ave., 312-360-9500), will be guest-chef at New York City's James Beard House later this month. It's a nice showcase for any chef, and participants usually spare no effort to impress the influential diners there. 
You could fly to New York for the August 22 dinner. Or, you could make reservations at Acadia this weekend, when the menu McCaskey will prepare in New York will be available here.
(Hat tip: C!)


  1. does anybody know why this place is randomly closed?? Countless times I have driven by on , say, a tuesday at 730 and its completely shut they only open when they have a certian # of reservations?

  2. Their official hours are currently Wednesday-Sunday.

  3. Their official hours are currently Wednesday-Sunday.

  4. Well deserved. Truly one of the best new places in Chicago.


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